Terms and Conditions


MON PETIT FOUR reserves the right to refuse the admission of any student who, in its opinion, does not meet the minimum requirement for courses and/or may impact the learning of other Students. MON PETIT FOUR reserves the right to discontinue a Student’s enrolment at any time due to non-payment of the Course Fees, disruptive behaviour in class or in the class, or negative impact on other Students’ learning. Enrolment will be on a first come first served basis. MON PETIT FOUR reserves the right to release Student’s enrolment /class placement if Course Fees are not received in full by the indicated due date. MON PETIT FOUR reserves the right to change the class instructor for MON PETIT FOUR Courses as deemed appropriate or necessary. MON PETIT FOUR is not required to provide prior notice for such arrangements.


All Course Fees must be paid in advance of the Student attending MON PETIT FOUR Courses. MON PETIT FOUR reserves the right to prevent a Student attending class if Course Fees have not been paid.

Make-up Class Arrangements

The Student’s must notify MON PETIT FOUR by e-mail or phone 48 hours before the start of the class if the Student will be absent. MON PETIT FOUR will not accommodate a make-up class request for notification given within 48 hours prior to start of the scheduled class, without a Doctor’s certificate. The Student has a maximum of 1 make-up classes per registration. Any additional make-up classes will only be offered at the complete discretion of MON PETIT FOUR. It is the Student’s responsibility to contact MON PETIT FOUR to schedule a make-up class. Missed classes / make-up classes are non-refundable. Transfer of classes between Students will be subjected to MON PETIT FOUR’s discretion. MON PETIT FOUR will provide alternative class dates and times to the Student on request, but does not guarantee the available timeslots will fit the Student’s schedule. The Student will only be able to join a make-up class within 3 months and at the same level and price of the missed class. Additional payment will be required should the made-up class fee is higher than the missed class. However, for avoidance of doubt, if the price of the make-up class is lower than the missed class, there will be no refund from MON PETIT FOUR. No refund or additional make-up classes will be offered if an Student is unable to attend any scheduled / proposed make-up classes. Materials from the missed class will be distributed to the Student if the Student is unable to attend other make-up class(es).

Refund Policy

In the case of MON PETIT FOUR closure prior to the commencement of an MON PETIT FOUR Course, we will refund in full the outstanding Course Fee to the Student immediately. There is no refund for MON PETIT FOUR Courses confirmed by MON PETIT FOUR. However, in the event that: a confirmed MON PETIT FOUR Course needs to be canceled by MON PETIT FOUR; or an MON PETIT FOUR Course which has commenced ceases to continue, and the Student declines the revised arrangements offered by MON PETIT FOUR MON PETIT FOUR will refund in full or on a pro-rata basis the Course Fee collected as soon as possible and in any event no later than one month after the notification date of the MON PETIT FOUR Course cancellation.

Adverse Weather Conditions Policy

Classes will be cancelled when Typhoon 8 (or above) or Black Rainstorm warning is in force or likely to be issued within the 2 hours made by the Hong Kong Observatory. 
For example: If signal is in force at 8am, morning classes will be cancelled. If signal is in force at 1pm, afternoon classes will be cancelled. 
Students will be contacted individually for further arrangement. If typhoon signal is lowered to No. 3 or below or the black rainstorm warning is cancelled 3 hours before the commencement of classes, classes will be conducted as scheduled.


MON PETIT FOUR reserves the right to use the Student’s work for promotional or educational purposes, without prior consent. Photographs and videos may be taken occasionally during the class time. Students and participants agree to be photographed or taped. MON PETIT FOUR reserves all rights to images and footages, without prior consent.

Intellectual Property

MON PETIT FOUR reserves all rights and interests in any intellectual property arising as a result of any class, MON PETIT FOUR Course or other tuition provided or any purpose associated with MON PETIT FOUR.


This legal notice shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong SAR) Disputes arising in conjunction with this legal notice shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong SAR courts.


If any part of these conditions is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any respect such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability, it shall not prejudice the effect of the rest of these Terms and Conditions to the extent that they are valid, legal and enforceable.